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Domestic Power Metering

All residential properties connected to the electrical network must have a domestic power meter installed. This is to measure your electricity usage, allowing the electricity retailer to charge your bill accurately.

Real Electrical Solutions understand the complexity of installing domestic power meters and can install or replace domestic power meters with minimum disruption to your electrical supply. Our team of Accredited Service Providers adheres to strict codes of conduct while staying focused on safety.

Domestic power meter installations or relocations

To install or move your domestic power meter, we will need to temporarily cut off your home’s electricity supply. Our electricians aim to work as efficiently as possible so that the disconnection causes as little disruption.

Moving a domestic power meter has to be done by a Level 2 ASP electrician, and will require that the existing power cable is moved to the new meter position. Depending on the location of the new meter, this may require installing a new supply cable or extending the existing cable.

Types of domestic power meters

The type of power meter you install determines how you are charged for electricity so it’s important that you choose the right domestic power meter according to your usage to help you save on your bill.

Accumulation meters

Accumulation meters keep track of your total electricity usage meaning you will be charged the same flat rate for the electricity you use, regardless of the time of day or night.

Interval meters

Interval meters record the amount of electricity you use every 30 minutes. Depending on your retailer’s electricity tariff, you will be charged a different electricity rate for your electricity consumption at different times of the day.

Smart meters

Like interval meters, smart meters record the amount of electricity you use every 30 minutes and enable you to choose a plan that charges you different rates at different times of the day. With a smart meter, you will also have access to a detailed report on your energy usage.

Domestic power metering in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley 

If you’re looking for a Level 2 ASP electrical company with a fast turnaround, Real Electrical Solutions’ experienced team are here to help you.

Contact us on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox to speak to one of our friendly team to discuss your power meter installation, disconnection or removal.

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