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Level 2 Electrical Connections

Real Electrical Solutions is an accredited Level 2 Authorised Service Provider meaning that we are certified to provide connection, disconnection and reconnection services. You can count on our experts to do an efficient job by providing comprehensive electrical services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers across Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley.

Disconnecting and reconnecting to the network supply service is a dangerous task and should only be carried out by professionals. Being Level 2 accredited electricians qualifies us to work on underground or overhead electricity cables where properties receive their electricity supply from the network.

We are permitted to install, disconnect and reconnect overhead service up to a rating of 400 amps at the Point of Attachment. We are also authorised to remove and replace Ausgrid security seals at the service protection device.

Power connection services

Real Electrical Solutions’ Level 2 electricians are qualified to work with the Ausgrid network which means we can service our customers who need a power connection from their property to the Ausgrid network. This includes the connection of service lines and the reconnection of services to the network.

Power disconnection services

Disconnecting power from the network is hazardous, and only a Level 2 electrician is authorised to perform this work. Our Level 2 electricians have received the training and accreditation necessary to work directly with the national power grid to both temporarily or permanently disconnect your electricity supply.

Temporary disconnection

We offer a disconnection service for works that require the temporary disconnection of an existing standard metered supply to domestic or commercial buildings.


If you want to complete work near the connection point on your property we can disconnect your power temporarily so you can undertake your project safely.

Permanent disconnection

Typically our customers need a permanent disconnection if they are demolishing a building, building a new property and need to disconnect the electricity to work safely knowing there is no live electricity or wanting to have something electricity cables or an electricity meter removed.

Looking for a Level 2 electrician in Newcastle, Maitland or the Hunter Valley?

Real Electrical Solutions’ services are competitively priced and we can offer complete electrical connection solutions while providing an outstanding service.

If you need a Level 2 electrician to carry out connection services in Newcastle, Maitland or the Hunter Valley get in touch with us on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox so we can discuss your project.

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