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Solar Metering

There are many advantages for trading in traditional electricity for solar power and solar metering tends to be a big incentive for those who are considering a grid-tied solar panel system for their property.

Solar metering is a utility billing mechanism that allows customers who are producing excess electricity to send it back to the grid. Solar meters monitor energy consumption and compare it to the energy sent back to the grid. Property owners will have their excess energy production reduced from their energy bill and will only be charged for their net off-grid energy usage. 

Many solar metering installations also collect and display data regarding their solar energy production. These solar meters detect irregularities in the system and activate a warning. This alert allows technicians to easily identify the cause of solar panel system problems allowing them to correct the issue quickly to ensure your solar panel system’s energy production continues to work as normal.

Solar metering in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley

Once you have your solar panel system in place, you will need to have a solar meter installed on your property to monitor your energy consumption and production. We have a highly-skilled team of technicians with experience in the installation of many utility type solar metering systems from all of the leading manufacturers.

Solar metering upgrades

Most solar meters rely on cellular technology to send data from your installation to a monitoring system. Many of these meters were installed when 2G and 3G were the standard meaning that meters that were installed only a matter of years ago will soon become out-dated and will need to be upgrade to remain effective.

Contact our electricians for solar meter installations

If you need a solar meter installation or upgrade in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast or the Hunter Valley, then reach out to Real Electrical Solutions so we can help you get the most out of your system. When you hire us you can relax knowing you’re working with reliable ASP Level 2 electricians.


Contact us today on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox.

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