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Overhead Power Connections

Real Electrical Solutions specialises in the installation of both overhead and underground power lines. We have experience in working with high voltage equipment and have completed numerous overhead power connections in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.


Accidental contact with overhead power lines is likely to kill or cause serious injury. The NCIS reports that there are an estimated 20 deaths per year for electrical workers in Australia with New South Wales having the highest rate of fatalities, so it is essential that you hire a qualified electrical team to undertake overhead power connections on your property.

Our Level 2 ASP electricians are highly skilled to work on overhead power lines so that hazards associated with accidental contact or working in the vicinity of power lines are sufficiently controlled.

Overhead power connections for your property

Connecting your property to the electrical grid is the final stage of your build or renovation. We will use power wires that lead from a nearby power line to connect your building’s electricity supply by going through a meter, which measures how much electricity your property will use. The electricity then passes through a service panel to supply electricity to your property.

real electrical overhead power connectio
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Benefits of overhead power connections

There are many advantages to having an overhead power connection. The installation tends to be straight forward for our qualified electricians while the investment of having them installed remains cost-effective for our clients.
We recommend overhead power connections for a number of reasons:

  • Faults or damage to overhead lines are easy to locate

  • There are low installation and material costs

  • The line is easier to maintain

  • It’s easier to join an overhead line or extend an electrical supply

Contact our overhead power connection team

Whether you are a domestic, commercial or industrial customer we can provide you with an overhead power connection. Contact us on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox to ask about overhead power connections in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

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