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Temporary Builders Power Supply

Building a new home can be a stressful time with many things to contend with. While working on your construction project, you may need to organise a temporary builder’s power supply to provide electricity for the building process ahead.

What is a temporary builder’s power supply?

Real Electrical Solutions can connect a temporary builder’s power supply if you need electricity in the short term to power lighting, power tools or machinery on site.

A temporary builder’s power supply comes in several forms, the most common being overhead supply to underground supply from the power authorities or even from your own electrical supply located on your property. 

We can set up your electrical supply in two ways;

  1. If your site does not have an electrical supply, we can connect a new electricity cable to a temporary kiosk.

  2. If your site already has an electrical supply we can move it to a safe place while you carry out your building work. Once your work is completed we can then move the electrical supply to a permanent position.

Installing a temporary builder’s power supply

Temporary builder’s power supplies are generally fitted into a robust kiosk, which can be placed anywhere on the site. The requirements of the different electricity providers vary from company to company but our ASP Level 2 electricians are familiar with the protocols of all the leading electricity suppliers to ensure your temporary builder’s power supply complies with all Australian Electrical Safety Regulations.

For domestic builds, there are two options to choose from - single and three-phase - but for larger projects, we can install a temporary supply with higher power requirements to fit your needs.

Single-phase power supply

Single-phase supply is the most common form of power used for most domestic building sites where there is an overhead power supply. 

Three-phase power supply

Three-phase power supplies can be used for larger construction sites where there is a greater demand for power when using heavy machinery such as welding machines and cranes.

Contact us for a temporary builder’s power supply in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley

Our team members are highly experienced ASP Level 2 electricians. We offer competitive prices with an unbeatable service. 

Contact us if you need a temporary builder’s power supply in Newcastle, Maitland or the Hunter Valley on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox.

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