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MPD Installation

With the update of the Service and Installation Rules in New South Wales in recent years, it is important that you choose an electrical company that has up-to-date experience in Meter Protection Device installations to ensure the latest regulations are being met.


To guarantee that connections to the distribution network remain reliable and safe, only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) are allowed to replace Service Protection Devices and Meter Protection Device fuses.

Real Electrical Solutions are Level 2 ASP Electricians and have the approval of the electrical network to work with Meter Protection Devices in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

What is a Meter Protection Device?

The fuse device is located on the un-metered side of the meter installation. The primary function of an MPD is to provide an authorised individual point of isolation, meter protection and to facilitate the safe replacement of metering equipment. 

MPDs must be installed in the same location as the metering and be visibly marked to indicate which residence they are supplying. For practicality, it may be necessary to have more than one metering service equipment position. 

In multi-storey buildings, Meter Protection Devices can be grouped together on each floor or on alternate floors. In high-density buildings, the metering equipment needs to be located on or near the main switchboard. 

MPD installation in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley

For further information about Meter Protection Device installations, consult with Real Electrical Solutions. Our team of Accredited Service Providers specialises in a wide range of electrical services, including the safe and reliable installation of MPDs. One of our friendly team members can assist you in choosing the right Meter Protection Device for your installation.

Contact us today on 0403306842, via email or by using our live chatbox to arrange your MPD installation in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

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