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11 Reasons You Need an After-Hours Electrician

Call an after hours electrician immediately when you experience these.

We all need electricity 24/7, but electrical problems don’t just happen during business hours. Lights can go out at night when you need them the most, power outages can disturb your weekend plans, electrical emergencies can happen anytime. And when an emergency occurs, you can’t always wait for the next morning or the next business day to arrange to get it fixed.

When Should You Hire an After-Hours Electrician?

You wouldn’t want your house to be vulnerable to a break-in, nor would you want your business closing for the day due to faulty electrical systems. Keep your families, customers, and employees safe and call for emergency electrical services.

11 Reasons to Call an After-Hours Electrician

If you are unsure whether or not to call the emergency electrician, consider the below 11 points. If any apply to you, call an after hours electrician from Real Electrical Solutions.

1. Power outages at your home

Power outages are one of the most common electrical emergencies. When there’s no power, get a flashlight going and unplug all your electrical appliances.

Switch off the lights and check if the neighbours have power. Ironically it is more likely to be good news when the whole neighbourhood has no power as that could mean your provider might just be experiencing problems. However, if you’re the only one in the dark, you should call an electrician right away. Sleep comfortably with peace of mind when a licensed electrician addresses your problem.

2. Fallen power poles

Do you have power poles on your private property? These power poles may fall due to strong winds and rain. Fallen power poles are dangerous to you and your property as these could cause electrocution and fires. Make sure to keep a safe distance and let electricians handle the situation.

3. Flickering lights

If you’re a fan of horror movies, flickering lights wouldn’t normally scare you. But when bulbs burn out often and multiple lights flicker, you may have deteriorating or loose wiring. Other appliances might also just be using more electricity. Get your wirings fixed so that lights, devices, and other appliances work correctly.

4. Circuit breakers continually trip

Circuit breakers prevent an overload. A circuit breaker works like a security guard. Security guards only accept a certain number of guests in and close the doors to the rest. Like a security guards, circuit breakers break the circuit when there’s a large rise in electrical current going through your wiring system.

Lucky for you, licensed electricians can fix a tripping circuit breaker and detect if you’re experiencing a power surge. You can also ask them to add more circuits so you can prevent an overload.

5. Burning smell from outlets

Burnt or discoloured wiring in an outlet causes a burning smell and can be very dangerous. You can even feel that your outlets are warm (remember to do this with dry hands!). Check for brown marks on your outlet. If you see these signs, switch off the outlet and unplug anything because your home may be at risk of fire. Hire an after hours electrician immediately and have the wiring and outlet replaced.

6. Outlets came in contact with water

Everybody knows that water and electricity aren’t a good combination. Did you experience flooding recently? Is your air conditioner or roof leaking? If your answer is yes, you shouldn’t use any electrical equipment – lights included.

IMPORTANT: Don’t touch the water. It’s much better if you leave the house and tell your electrician that there’s a danger of electrocution.

7. Dead or loose outlets

Some outlets may not be working. Some property owners ignore this sign and use extensions instead. Did you know that using an extension with another extension is dangerous? This can cause an overload. If you’re hearing buzzing sounds, a fire might be able to start. Have an electrician from Real Electrical Solutions check your dead or loose outlets. Tell them to add more outlets if you need more in other places in your homes or offices.

8. Sparking outlets

Small blue sparks are normal. Bigger sparks in yellow or white are not. Sparks that come and go mean nothing serious. If it lasts more than a second, you got a problem in your hands. A bad spark may indicate an overloaded outlet or faulty wiring. Some problems may even come from improper installation. To be sure, get a qualified to check your outlets immediately.

9. Electric shocks

Some of us might mistake an electric shock for a transfer of static electricity. Do you get mild shocks when you turn on a switch or plug in your chargers? If you get electric shocks, your electric current’s pathway might be damaged.

When you are shocked in this way, the electrical current uses your body to ground itself, and you feel this as an electric shock. These shocks can cause burns and other injuries. Let a skilled electrician check and inspect your electrical systems regularly to prevent electric shocks.

10. Pests

We all want to own a property and we all want what’s best for that property, whether you live in it, rent it out, or do business from it. You can install the latest electrical system only to find out that pests are chewing on your wiring. Did you know that the warmth of electrical wirings attracts timber pests? If you suspect pests in your property, arrange for a building inspector to confirm the problem, then hire an electrician to assess the damages.

11. An aging property

Do you prefer properties with more character? New South Wales has an enormous a mix of old and new properties, but be careful with older properties. As much as we value history, electrical systems from 20 years ago were not as efficient and safe as today. When you encounter problems, an On-Call Electrician will be available any time will fix it for you. The experts will recommend the changes your electrical system needs and complete the work for you.

Real Electrical Solutions for Real-Time Electrical Problems

Do any of these reasons ring any bells? Have you noticed any of these signs before going to bed or closing the office for the day? No worries, Real Electrical Solutions is always on-call 24/7, during office hours, after hours or at weekends, our ASP Level 2 trained, highly committed after hours electricians will come to your aid.

Here at Real Electrical Solutions, we find solutions for your problems – real-time! Call us at 0403306842 for electrical emergencies or chat to us live at our website.

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