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How to Address Ausgrid Defects

Have you recently received defect notice from Ausgrid? If so, it’s not a major concern but it’s not something to ignore either. It simply means that a defect regarding the electrical system was spotted on your property but It is up to you to address it.

What is an Ausgrid Defect?

Ausgrid strives to keep all connections to its network as safe as possible. Any defects regarding connections can, after all, compromise public safety. Receiving a notice means that your electrical connection may have one of the following:

  • faulty wiring

  • damage to the connection

  • added connections

  • obstructions to electrical wiring

  • general non-compliance with safety standards

If you have any of these, you need to get a skilled, experienced, fully licensed electrician, such as a team member from Real Electrial Solutions to deal with the defect in question.

How to Address Ausgrid Defects

There are several things you can do to address the defects efficiently:

1. Visually inspect the problem, if safe to do so

When Ausgrid contacts you regarding a defect in your property, they’ll tell you what the defect is. Check the problem to give you an idea of how serious it is. Do this so that you can provide your trusted electrician with an idea of what to expect.

Since you’re not likely to be an experienced electrician, be sure that you only perform a superficial check. Don’t go poking around too much as this may cause extra damage or even put your own safety at risk if you tamper with the electrical system.

2. Contact your landlord if you rent a property.

If you don’t own the property with the defect in question, then contact your landlord immediately. It’s their responsibility to address these problems. It is, however, your responsibility to immediately report any problems you discover.

3. For property owners, do the necessary preparations.

If you’re the property owner, it’s your responsibility to do the following:

  • Contact the right people to address the defect/s.

  • Coordinate with your tenants closely and let them know that repairs will be done.

  • Ask them to prepare for these repairs and to comply with the electricians as needed. Most importantly, let them know that their cooperation is necessary to address the defects.

4. Contact your electrical contractor.

Once you’ve done all the necessary preparations, be sure to contact your electrical contractor. If you can, contact one that has experience working in your property since they’ll know that system best. Also, if you believe that it was that contractor that may have caused the defect, let them know. Doing so can help you assess whether to still stick with that contractor.

5. Find a new contractor, if necessary.

If your previous contractor believes that the defect is beyond their ability to fix, find a new contractor. This is also where the quick scan of the problem that you did will come in handy. Look for one that has experience in dealing with the defect that you’re facing. Be sure to let your potential contractor know what fix is needed and give other pertinent information.

6. Ask for a time extension, if needed.

Ausgrid only gives 21 days after the defect notice has been sent out before they disconnect electrical services. Depending on the situation, however, they may consider an extension if you ask for one. Less severe defects and non-threatening ones, for example, are more likely to have an extension approved by Ausgrid.

7. Contact Ausgrid once repairs are completed.

Ave you had the necessary repairs completed? If so, then contact Ausgrid and update them as soon as possible. The sooner you do this, the sooner they can send over a team to verify the repairs are completed to the correct standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the penalty for not repairing an electrical defect in time?

Not getting the repairs done in time will result in your property’s disconnection from Ausgrid’s electrical services. This may come with disconnection and reconnection fees, as well as a re-inspection fee.

How can I get an extension to repair an electrical defect?

If you believe that the problem is not life-threatening, you may ask for an extension. Contact Ausgrid’s Field Operations department to request for an extension beyond the standard 21 days.

Will the electrical contractor be liable if they caused an electrical defect?

Yes. If your contractor’s previous work on your property caused the defect, they would be responsible. Your contractor must then shoulder the associated fees and Ausgrid penalties.

When does an electrical system become my responsibility?

Any defects after the Ausgrid Network connection point into a property becomes the building owner’s responsibility to maintain. It’s the owner’s job to keep these in proper working order and contact a repairman should problems arise.

How do I prevent electrical defects problems in the future?

Maintaining your electrical connection is easier than you might think. Keep it clear of trees and branches, don’t add connections and don’t overload the system. Also, be sure to watch out for signs of problems like frayed wiring and strange sounds - doing a regular check of the system in your property always helps.

Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor Today

Now that you know you have limited time to address the defect, contact an experienced electrician as soon as you can. Real Electrical Solutions are ASP Level 2 certified electricians that can fix the defects in your property. Learn more about what we can do here, or contact us on 0403306842.

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