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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Point of Attachment

Learn the instances when you might need a POA upgrade

Electrical connections are an important consideration during a renovation or relocation because the connection to the network might need modifying or upgrading when there are changes to the property.

When the mains connection box – called point of attachment – needs to be relocated or altered, the consumer must call a Level 2 electrician to bring the mains up to current standard.

What is A Point of Attachment?

A Point of attachment (POA) is where the main power line from the street connects to the property via an overhead or underground cable. The POA itself may be installed at a private power pole or building fascia or any other structures in the building and can be attached to different brackets on the roof but the two most popular are the fascia bracket and rafter bracket.

Most of the time, the point of attachment needs to be moved or upgraded due to an electrical safety hazard or electrical defect notice and the electrician will consult with the property owner and recommend the safest connection while maintaining curb appeal.

In Newcastle, point of attachment services are carried out exclusively by accredited a Level 2 electrician.

When to Call for Point of Attachment Repairs or Upgrades

Several situations may require an electrician’s expertise in POA jobs, such as the ones listed below. We will go into more detail about each scenario:

· Faulty wiring

· Electrical equipment upgrades on the property

· Property demolition

· New occupants moving into the property

· Relocate or Replace the Point or Attachment?

· Knockdown re-build

· Roof installation

· Pool installation

Faulty wiring

Power lines that have been damaged by storms, fires, accidents, or improper installation may be deemed unsafe and incapable of delivering steady electricity. An accredited Level 2 electrician can assess the condition and disconnect the point of attachment before replacing the faulty cables and restoring electricity.

Electrical Equipment Upgrades on The Property

Before replacing any electrical infrastructure in a building, the point of attachment must be disconnected from the main power. Services that might require a POA specialist include:

· Upgrading the meter, circuit breaker or switchboard

· Changing from single phase to three-phase electricity

Property Demolition

Before the demolition team tears down a structure, it is standard procedure to cut off the power first to ensure the safety of everyone. As such, whether the building is a residential or commercial structure with overhead or underground electrical setup, POA electricians should disconnect power before demolition begins.

New Owners

It is common practice to disconnect power from the main grid after a building occupant moves out. Before the new occupants move in, the POA electrician can reconnect the building’s power so they don’t spend the night without electricity.

POA Relocation or Replacement

If the current point of attachment is beyond repair, the Level 2 electrician will recommend a new point of attachment installation. Relocating the POA may also be necessary if the current location is no longer ideal – for instance, a rotten fascia board. Below are some common situations that may need a relocation of the point of attachment.

Knockdown re-build

When knocking down an old house to build a new structure, the contractor must hire a Level 2 electrician to disconnect the power. They can request a temporary builders supply to power the site while it is under construction.

Once construction is complete, the power company will provide a new connection with a new electricity metre which will run through the POA via overhead or underground cables.

Roof installation

Repairing a roof or installing a new one often requires a Level 2 ASP to make the high voltage lines safe for work or move the POA after repair or installation.

Pool installation

Installing a new pool in the backyard requires soil excavation and operating big machinery can be dangerous with power lines in the way. An accredited Level 2 electrician can move those service lines to give the excavator access to the digging site and the point of attachment may be temporarily disconnected while the pool is being installed, or permanently relocate the POA after the work is done.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Replace the Point of Attachment?

Many factors affect cost when trying to repair or replace the point of attachment. However, a majority of expenses goes to materials – cables and brackets in particular. The cost will depend on the required length of overhead cables and the type of bracket needed. For instance, if the property has a multiple-storey design, more cable is needed than the standard length of 10 metres. Also, if the home or building was built before 1983, the service connectors would most likely need replacing as they could be outdated and not up to code.

Why Choose Real Electrical Solutions?

Real Electrical Solutions are accredited Level 2 electricians with years of experience servicing Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast, and The Hunter.

If you need to repair or relocate your point of attachment, our Level 2 ASP electricians are just a phone call away. They will try to minimise the downtime of shutting down your power to avoid any disruption to your daily routine while fixing your cables and connections and provide on-site power through our generators up to 20kW for businesses that need continuous power (please inform our electrician if you need to organise this service so we can reconnect power to your property).

If you are renovating or doing a knockdown build, we also offer temporary site power through our temporary builder’s supply package.

In cases of emergency after business hours, our 24-hour emergency response team of Level 2 electricians can assist you immediately to ensure you are not without power in your home or business.

Whenever you need an electrician from any location in Newcastle, you can reach Real Electrical Solutions right away! We have Level 2 ASP electricians in Maitland, Central Coast, and The Hunter. Rest assured that there is always a licensed ASP nearby to respond to your needs.

Every job comes with a workmanship guarantee – whether you are calling for point of attachment upgrades, switchboard upgrades, solar metering, underground/overhead connections, or private pole installations.

Call Real Electrical Solutions on 0403306842 or email for enquiries.



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