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What Makes a Level 2 Electrician?

What is the difference between L1 and L2 electricians?

Most people aren’t aware that there are different levels of practising Electricians. This makes sense since electrical work is extremely risky and can pose a threat to the inexperienced practitioner because some tasks are more complex than others. This is why you may specifically need a Level 2 qualified Electrician such as Real Electrical Solutions.

So, what makes a Level 2 Electrician? If you’re unsure whether or not need a level 2 Electrician, or you want to become a Level 2 Electrician yourself, this article is for you.

What Work Can A Level 1 Electrician Carry Out?

If something goes wrong with the electrical system at home, you would call a Level 1 Electrician – they’re well-versed in the electrical work that they’re accredited to do, which includes the following:

  • Installing switches at home

  • Diagnosing errors, and carrying out necessary repairs.

  • Diagnosing, replacing, and repairing poorly-wired electrical systems.

  • Installing and carrying out maintenance of ground fault circuit interrupters.

  • Extending your home electrical network to increase capacity.

  • Carrying out work close to the overhead and underground electrical supply systems (but cannot work directly on these supply systems).

As you can see, Level 1 Electricians can carry out a variety of electrical jobs even with the most basic level of qualification. However, some services will require work on electrical lines running between your property and the electrical supply line. For these types of work, you will need to contact an accredited Level 2 Electrician.

What Work Can A Level 2 Electrician Carry Out?

As mentioned above, if you require services from your property line to the supply network, you’ll need a Level 2 Electrician, such as Real Electrical Solutions. Electricians accredited at level 2 can perform more complicated and dangerous work. If your property needs these services, find someone trained to carry out the work needed. Other services Level 2 Electricians can be accredited for include:

  • Installing electrical lines: There are two general types of supply lines: overhead and underground. You can go for whichever type you want your property to have, but, regardless of the type you prefer, you will need a Level 2 Electrician to install them. Aside from installation, a Level 2 Electrician can also carry out repairs and replacement services for these lines.

  • Disconnect and reconnect power: When a property needs to be disconnected from the power supply line, Level 2 Electricians are needed. Reconnection of any property to the supply line will also require the services of a Level 2 Electrician.

  • Metering services: Conventional and smart electrical meters are convenient to have since they allow you to track energy usage and you will need the help of a Level 2 Electrician to install these.

  • Shifting between power supply types: It would be unwise to use a residential power supply on an industrial location, and vice-versa. Your property’s supply type must match its intended use to maximise efficiency. A Level 2 Electrician would be able to help you shift between these supply types.

5 Things That Make a Level 2 Electrician

There’s a reason for having different levels for electrical work. Some things make Level 2 Electricians stand out from the rest include:

  • Education: Many things can go wrong with electricity for the inexperienced, so education is necessary for any Electrician, regardless of how complex the electrical task is. Even those at level 1 will require lots of study time to truly be educated about their work. Even more study time is required to reach level 2. Additional, complex classes are needed for a level 2 accreditation.

  • Experience: Education needs to be complimented with ample hands-on occupation experience to become a Level 2 Electrician. To reach this level, an Electrician must have had years’ worth of work training and apprenticeship on top of weekly classes to further their knowledge.

  • Skill: When we hire services, the first thing we usually try to check is the skill level of the practitioner. This is also true for Electricians - we always check if they’re skilled enough to do the work required. A Level 2 Electrician likely has this in spades - stemming from their education and experience.

  • Accreditation and Authorisation: Those that have passed their classes and completed their training aren’t immediately eligible to practice their craft. Accreditation and authorisation are required for someone to reach the second level of Electrician. This is a further assurance that you can trust a Level 2 Electrician to perform the work required.

level 2 electrician

Hire a Level 2 Electrician Today

Now that you know the type of work that a Level 2 Electrician can do, have you decided if you need one? If so, know that not all Level 2 Electricians are the same even with education, training, and accreditation. Much like other fields, some practitioners are just more skilled than others. If skill and experience are things you value, choose Real Electrical Solutions.

With Real Electrical Solutions, you can rest assured that we will do our best to keep your electrical system in top shape. Visit us at or call us on 0403306842 to ask for more information about Level 2 Electrical work or to book an appointment.

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