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When Should I Upgrade My Switchboard?

Most people treat their switchboards with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. Since they’re not currently experiencing electrical issues, they don’t check their electrical lines and switchboards to make sure that these are well-maintained. Instead, they’ll choose to let the system reach a breaking point before they act and contact professionals for maintenance.

A reactionary response to switchboard maintenance is hazardous. In the worst case, it could even lead to property destruction or deaths. To prevent such issues, you should always make sure that your electrical system is up-to-date. We’re sure no one wants to put the safety of their family and property at risk. Learn more about upgrading switchboards as you read along.

What is a switchboard?

You’re probably aware of switchboards and their place in your electrical system. Yet, not many people fully understand just how important switchboards are. A switchboard acts as a central hub to your home’s electrical lines. It distributes power through multiple circuits in your house for your lights, appliances, outlets, and more. You can turn on and turn off the power in your house at will using a switchboard.

Why is switchboard maintenance essential?

There are heaps of reasons why you should prioritise switchboard maintenance. Here are some of the most common reasons why switchboard maintenance is necessary:

· It keeps you and your family safe.

Without a working switchboard, your electrical circuits would be left vulnerable to short circuits and malfunctions. A broken or malfunctioning switchboard can lead to fires, explosions, and even electrocution.

· It lessens the probability of equipment failure.

When unexpected power outages happen, there are so many things that could go wrong. You may think that it is just a slight inconvenience for you, but the sudden removal and upsurge of electrical current to an equipment may break your machines and appliances.

A switchboard allows you to turn your electricity on and off. When the power goes out, you can turn it off and unplug your appliances. Once you know the power is back, you can turn it on and start plugging back your items in one by one.

· It increases the lifespan of your switchboard.

The good news about switchboards is that they can last for years (and even decades). A well-maintained switchboard will last even longer. The beauty of not having to start from scratch with regard to switchboards is that you will already have a well-laid out electrical line you can have rewired and reconfigured.

When Should You Upgrade Your Property’s Switchboard?

By now, you already know just how vital a switchboard is to a household. The next step is to check your switchboard to see if there’s a pressing need for an upgrade. To help you see if a switchboard upgrade is necessary, here are some of the signs that point to a need for a switchboard upgrade or maintenance:

· No safety switch

If a short circuit happens due to circuit overload or an issue with an appliance, a safety switch will automatically turn off the power to help prevent accidents and electric shocks. Without a safety switch, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. If you do not have a safety switch in your switchboard, it’s recommended that you approach an electrical specialist today.

· Constant power outages and system faults

If you experience power issues in certain parts of your home, it may be because there’s a switchboard issue. One of the manifestations of this issue includes lights that flicker on and off or appliances that are short-circuiting. It’s better to approach an electrician immediately to diagnose the cause of the circuit issue.

· Existence of switchboard fuses

The existence of fuses in switchboards used to be a sign of good quality and maintenance. However, fuses nowadays (especially ceramic fuses) indicate that your switchboard hasn’t been maintained or updated in quite a long time.

Old switchboards used to have fuses to prevent electrical accidents, but these may well be the cause of new electrical accidents nowadays. Contact your trusted electrician now and ask them to take a look at your switchboard to see if you currently have these fuses in your switchboard.

· If you’ve added heaps of new appliances and equipment within your property

Your switchboard was made to handle the electrical requirements of your property when it was initially built. That means that if you had two air-conditioning units and a few appliances back then, your switchboard and circuits were probably designed to handle that load.

By now, you’ve probably added a few more electrical appliances in the mix. You might also be overusing your outlets with the help of extension cords and power boards. The upsurge of electrical load will certainly put stress to your switchboard, and it can lead to a switchboard overload when left unchecked. Switchboard maintenance is recommended immediately to reconfigure your electrical wires and recalibrate your electric load capacity.

· If you’ve had a major renovation

This is also connected to the electric load requirement of your property. A major renovation often means that your electrical requirements will change and likely increase as well. To make sure that your house or building can handle the new electrical load requirements, it’s best to seek the help of a professional electrician.

· If you’ve installed a grid-connected solar power system

Solar power is steadily growing in popularity in Australia. If you’re one of those people who have chosen to use solar power in their property, it would be wise to reach out to experienced technicians. Solar power is not compatible with old switchboards. A new and upgraded switchboard is required before you can fully maximise your solar power energy output.

Upgrade and Maintain Your Switchboards Now

Make sure that your switchboard is always up to date with the help of experienced electricians from Real Electrical Solutions. If you live in Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast, and Hunter Valley, we would be more than happy to check out your switchboard and recommend the best course of action. Contact us now on 0403306842 or send us an email to know more!

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