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Who Are Ausgrid?

Everything You Need to Know About Ausgrid

All cities have their own respective electrical services providers – for the Hunter Valley, Sydney and the Central Coast, it’s Ausgrid. Ausgrid’s extensive network provides energy to more than a million customers and Ausgrid is responsible for powering all the electrical needs of an area spanning thousands of kilometres.

How Was Ausgrid Established?

The company that is now Ausgrid has been serving Australia for more than a hundred years. As the first energy company to supply electricity to Sydney, it has since expanded and now serves many other areas.

Before 2011, the New South Wales Government sold the retail division of EnergyAustralia. What remained of the company was renamed Ausgrid.

Who Owns and Operates Ausgrid?

From the time when Ausgrid was formed in 2011 until 2016, the New South Wales Government owned the company.

In 2016, the NSW government put a majority share of Ausgrid on the market. A Chinese-owned company won the bid, but this was blocked based on potential foreign ownership. As a result, the NSW government accepted a bid from IFM Investors and AustralianSuper for a whopping $16 billion.

Today, the total ownership of Ausgrid is 50.4% with IFM Investors and AustralianSuper, with the other 49.6% with the NSW government.

How Big Is the Ausgrid Services Network?

As a major electricity provider, the Ausgrid service network has an impressively wide range:

· Customer base: Ausgrid currently serves more than 1.7 million customers, and this number only grows with each passing year.

· Area of operation: The company maintains a network in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast.

· Infrastructure range: The total infrastructure range of the company currently numbers 22,275 km2, employing experienced certified electricians to help maintain this network.

· Network composition: Ausgrid service doesn’t just involve power lines. The network consists of substations, overhead and underground cables, and electrical poles.

What Are Ausgrid’s Priorities?

Ausgrid has promised to focus on specific factors that can significantly improve customer experience. There are three primary priority areas, which are:

· Affordability: Ausgrid has been dedicating time and effort to help reduce the financial burden on its customers. On its initial run under the new company structure, average electricity prices have been reduced.

· Sustainability: As the world moves into riskier waters due to environmental risks, Ausgrid has promised to innovate. The company is also dedicating efforts to investing in renewable and sustainable energy.

· Reliability: The company has also been directing expenditures on improving its existing infrastructure. They have invested billions of dollars in enhancing current assets and upgrading their systems to improve reliability.

Ausgrid Services Available for Customers

Ausgrid is primarily a company that provides electrical services to the areas where they operate. As such, their main service offers to their customers are electric-related, like the following:

1. Fixing Power Outages and Faults

Power outages and faults happen every so often. That is why this is among the biggest services that the company puts its efforts into. It’s Ausgrid’s job to diagnose problems and fix the causes of these outages and faults.

2. Repairs and Maintenance

Electrical lines and connections are prone to wear and tear. So, to prevent serious and lasting damage, certified Ausgrid electricians do maintenance on the entire electrical network.

3. Connection to The Grid

The company provides professional services that allow buildings and homes to connect to the electrical grid. This way, new customers can get connected to Ausgrid’s electrical network.

4. Metering services

As with all other electrical service providers, Ausgrid works with ASP Level 2 licensed electricians to help with metering. This promises accurate electrical consumption readings for all customers.

5. Electrical safety

Electricity is dangerous if handled improperly. Fortunately, Ausgrid engages in the best safety measures to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. Customers that encounter safety issues can enquire with their level 2 ASP electrician for services that may help.

Ausgrid Cares About Its Customers

Ausgrid states that it is so much more than just another electrical service provider. They have taken important steps into making sure that all customers receive outstanding treatment.

Here are some things to know about how this company treats its customers:

Ausgrid prioritises customers relying on life support

Ausgrid recognises that they have customers who are permanently hooked to medical and life support systems and have initiated a program with these patients in mind. Customers can check if they are eligible to be life support customers. If so, they can get special considerations when scheduled power outages are concerned.

Ausgrid always tries to promptly respond to hazard reports

The Ausgrid site has a portal dedicated to hazard reports done by customers. This ensures that the company’s certified electricians can promptly respond.

Ausgrid services are relatively more customer-friendly than other electrical service providers.

Ausgrid has published content that can lead to a more favourable customer experience. For example, the company site has tools like consumption calculators that can help customers estimate potential costs.

Ausgrid also has dedicated portals and hotlines for customer concerns, feedback, and consultations. This makes reaching the company easy, especially in times of need.

Ausgrid works closely with local councils

There’s no better way to serve customers than to work directly with them locally. As such, Ausgrid works closely with local councils to ensure optimal interactions between the company and the community. Through this partnership, many services are provided at a much faster pace. These include faster reports, quick hazard removal, live outage monitoring, and easy feedback systems.

When dealing with Possible Ausgrid Defects, Contact ASP Level 2 Electricians in Newcastle.

Ausgrid services are available to all, but you need to hire a certified electrician if you have electrical issues related to your connection to their grid.

In Newcastle, Real Electrical Solutions will proudly and safely take care of your Ausgrid defects. We are level 2 licensed, and our team has the necessary skill and experience to address your electrical issues, including Ausgrid-related defects.

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